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What You Need to Know About Multi-Channel Inventory Management

22 September 2017 Sten Ivan Leave a comment Insights

Share One of the most challenging tasks for food and beverage (F&B) businesses is to keep track of the latest orders and inventory levels across multiple channels and e-commerce platforms. In the digital era where customers can order meals online and have them delivered on-demand, many businesses rely on multiple third-party e-commerce solutions. Hence, Integrating […]


What is On-Demand Delivery?

11 September 2017 Sten Ivan Leave a comment Guides, On-Demand Delivery

Share In a 24/7 connected world, people value time over anything else. People want things faster, easier, and more cost effective. The good news is, there are many digital solutions available that deliver these benefits. Need your dinner delivered? Try Deliveroo. Your dog walked? Consider Pawshake. Your groceries shopped? Try Honestbee. You can have these […]


The Importance of Big Data for Your Food & Beverage Business

9 September 2017 Sten Ivan Leave a comment Insights

Share One of the key elements in growing a successful food and beverage (F&B) business is the ability to retain big data and turn it into actionable insight. But what is big data? Generally, it is a term to describe large volume of data, both structured and unstructured. Big data is being generated at all […]


What is Open Source and Why Does it Matter?

1 September 2017 Sten Ivan Leave a comment Insights

Share Open source is a widely used term when it comes to digital solutions. In the technology world, deciding whether or not to open source your codes or project is something that can be crucial to the growth of your business. But what does the term open source mean and what role does it play […]