Collision 8

Collision 8, a co-working space, aimed to leverage on technology to operate a pantry management system with credit payment for its members.

The Eunoia Platform helped power the pantry management system, which enables Collision 8 members to purchase food and drinks from the pantry by using their Member ID card for payment on the NFC terminal.


All-in-one pantry management system

The development of a self-service pantry management system eliminated the need for hiring pantry staff and improved the company’s efficiency by simplifying tasks of the administrative team. Collision 8’s inventory system was linked to the Eunoia Platform and will send an alert when inventory is low. The credits management system includes a prepaid credit system linked to each Member’s ID and supports cashless payment transactions through the NFC-enabled Pantry Checkout System. All these features are managed through the Eunoia Platform.


One Man Coffee

Empowering baristas to be able to single-handedly manage a coffee kiosk

Collision 8

Creating a cashless pantry system for the new and posh co-working space

The Soup
Spoon Union

Managing multiple F&B brands using a single customer mobile application

Cama Café

Making it more convenient for coffee lovers across Taiwan to purchase their favourite drinks


Featuring MasterCard's new digital payment platform within a spectrum of F&B concepts


Providing a one-stop app for food lovers to browse, order and pay from many places

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