The Soup Spoon Union

The Soup Spoon Union aimed to manage its multiple F&B brands using a single customer mobile application, with cashless payment transactions powered by MasterPass.

Eunoia helped The Soup Spoon Union develop a F&B mobile application which allows customers to view the menu, order, track the order, manage rewards and vouchers, and make payments online. Cashless payment transactions were powered by MasterPass.




Powering multiple brands and systems on one platform

The Soup Spoon Union’s individual brands are namely The Salad Fork, The Hand Burger, The Grill Knife and The Soup Spoon. The Eunoia Platform offered The Soup Spoon Union the ability to power these four F&B brands under a single seamless interface, with each brand having access to their own brand application. The Eunoia Platform also supports third party integrations. The integration allowed The Soup Spoon’s POS system, loyalty program, and MasterPass to be all managed under the Eunoia Platform.

Integration of loyalty programs for a seamless transition

With a huge customer base, it was imperative for Soup Spoon Union’s customer profiles to be integrated into the mobile application. With the integration of Souperholic, The Soup Spoon Union’s loyalty program, members can gain credits when placing orders using the mobile application. Accumulated credits can also be used to offset the final bill from orders made through the mobile application.

Centralised inventory management

With the integration of the POS system, orders placed on the mobile application will automatically appear on the POS, and sent to the kitchen printer. Hence, the workflow of the kitchen staff will not be disrupted. It also simplifies the accounting process as inventory sold can all be checked from one location, eliminating the need to manually export data from different platforms for accounting purposes.


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