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CDG ZIG Introduction

The ComfortDelGro Taxi Booking App has been given a new name - CDG Zig - and a brand new logo! It does not only retained features such as its ride hailing services and favourites that users are familiar with but it is also offering more dining and “dabao” options now. What’s more, electric vehicle (EV) owners can also locate the nearest available EV charger any time. New users can sign up with CDG Zig through Facebook or Google, and are automatically registered into the rewards programme.

Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 9.17.50 AM.png

CDG ZIG Merchant Incentives & Benefits

CDG Zig would like to invite merchants from Frasers Makan Master to join their programme.  Key benefits include:

  • Waiver of all fees (MDR, Sales, transactional fees) till 31st Oct 2023

  • Additional sales channels and listing exposure.

  • Exposure to over 2,000,000+ CDG ZIG app members.

  • No change to the fulfillment process. All orders will display on your current merchant FRx terminal. 

  • Opportunity to market your brand.

  • Potential collaborative marketing deals & opportunities.


Eunoia is the master merchant managing this sales channel.  For further information or to sign on to this programme, please contact or click here to complete the form for onboarding.

Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 9.17.50 AM.png


1. What will the store merchants see?

Once a order has been made, the store merchant will be able to view the receipt that is printed from the Jeripay/FRx terminal.

Based on the receipt merchant can easily identify if orders are coming from MM or CDG ZIG based on the logo printed on top of the receipt.

ZIG Logo

Frasers Makan Master Logo

2. Do merchant need to update anything on their end for them to be onboarded to CDG ZIG app?


No, onboarding will be done via Eunoia Helpdesk team.

3. Can merchants opt out after being onboarded?


Yes, if merchant wish to withdraw from the CDG ZIG program they just need to email both & 30 days in advance prior to the withdrawal.

4. MDR charges will it be absorb by CDG or Merchant?

MDR charges are absorbed by CDG from now till 31st Oct 2023, subject to update after 31st Oct 2023.

5. How do merchants collect money?

There is no change to the disbursement of money to merchants the process remains the same as Frasers Makan Master transactions.

6. How will brand be able to identify which order if came from Frasers and which came from CDG?

On exporting the Sales Orders History, refer to column labelled as “App” or “Payment Account”. If it’s shown as per below screenshots orders are from CDG ZIG app, if orders is from Frasers the “App” column will have “Makan Master” shown. (Your exported sales order report structure will remains the same).

Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 9.17.50 AM.png

Wish to be onboarded to the CDG ZIG app program?

Click here and complete the form.

Information you are trying to find about the CDG ZIG program is not here click on link below to be redirected to the FAQs or reach out to for more information.


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