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Product Information Management

O2Marketplace's Product Information Summary module empowers retail clients by providing a convenient way to generate QR codes for individual products at their outlets. These QR codes enable customers to scan and access detailed information about the product, including its stock availability. Additionally, customers have the option to make purchases and choose in-store pickup, with the convenience of being able to collect their items within hours of placing an order. This feature enhances the shopping experience, allowing customers to easily check product availability and make seamless purchases for in-store pickup.



A grocery retailer adopts O2Marketplace's Product Information Summary module to enhance the shopping experience for their customers. They implement QR codes for each grocery item in their store.

Customers can effortlessly scan the QR codes using their smartphones to access comprehensive information about the product, such as ingredients, nutritional facts, and allergen information. The module also provides real-time stock availability, allowing customers to check if the desired grocery items are in stock.

To streamline the purchasing process, the retailer offers customers the option to make purchases and choose in-store pickup. Customers can conveniently place an order through their mobile devices and collect their groceries within a few hours. This feature enhances the shopping experience, enabling customers to easily check product availability, make seamless purchases, and quickly collect their items for in-store pickup, simplifying their grocery shopping journey.

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F&B merchants

An F&B merchant uses O2Marketplace's Product Information Summary module to streamline retail operations. By generating QR codes for products, customers can conveniently scan and access detailed information, including stock availability. This enables informed decision-making and efficient stock checking. Customers can also choose in-store pickup, ensuring quick collection of their ordered items. O2Marketplace's module improves customer service, operational efficiency, and enhances the overall shopping experience.


By leveraging O2Marketplace's Product Information Summary module, the F&B merchant empowers customers with accurate and comprehensive product details through QR codes. In-store pickup option provides convenient and hassle-free collection, boosting customer satisfaction and optimizing order fulfillment. O2Marketplace's module optimizes retail operations, delivering a seamless shopping experience for customers.

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