We help F&B business leaders to define and implement their digital strategies.

This programme is designed to make it more convenient for customers and support tenants of Frasers Property Singapore on their own digital journey.

Mr Andrew Chan, Managing Director of The Soup Spoon shared, “Makan Master will give our customers more value and convenience. Triple dipping and earning Souperholic, Frasers points and DBS rewards will benefit our diners.”

After multiple workshops, we decided to build a solution around;

·    ‘People’ not consumers;

·    ‘Passion’ centered communities not segments;

·    ‘Partners’ not tenants;

·    ‘Frasers as the catalyst’ inspiring and connecting people around the love of shopping.

Keeping the above in mind, Eunoia created Makan Master, an F&B solution under The Frasers Experience App.

This app makes it very convenient for many people, take employees for instance.

During lunch time, it would be very crowded, making it hard for employees to get a table. However, with this app, they are able to reserve a table without having to leave their desk. Just imagine leaving an office feeling famished and going to a restaurant to find out that there is a tabe reserved for you and your colleagues. Feels great doesn’t it!

Users are able to make reservations from 48 outlets, from the 11 shopping centres under Frasers, with more to come in the near future.

DBS Digital and Emerging Payments Team also plays a major role in this project, the case study can also be found here.

Customers can look to more hassle-free, cashless transactions, as well as a wide range of digital solutions set to be rolled out progressively.

With this app, tenants are able to cater to a broader customer base, which in turn will increase productivity. This will also increase potential saving costs and drive better customer experience.

Mr. Philip Pang, CEO of Fei Siong Group, which runs the food outlet Malaysia Chiak said, “Makan Master provides a convenient and flexible dining experience for our customers, without sacrificing our quality of food and service. As a busy F&B outlet, we welcome the pay-at-table feature, which will help us cope better with manpower challenges especially during peak periods.  The optimised order management system will also make daily operations for our non-dine in customers easier and customers will be able to make purchases on the go.”


Customers will soon be able to purchase their meals online using this app, for both dine in and take away, as shown in the following.

Take away:

It enables customers to skip queues and just collect their meals, how great is that!

Dine in:

When customers find a table, they can immediately proceed to order and purchase their meals through the app, which shortens their waiting time.

How time efficient is that!



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