Winning As An Online Reservation Platform

How do online reservation platforms add value to both the restaurant and the diner? Already, there are a few major players in Singapore, including Chope, Quandoo, and HungryGoWhere. Both Chope and HungryGoWhere are locally based in Singapore, while Quandoo is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Though all three, at the core, are providing a similar service to restaurant merchants and diners, they each have their unique offerings.

1. Hungrygowhere

HungryGoWhere is a household name in Singapore. When SingTel acquired the food recommendation site in 2012, SingTel’s goal was to improve HungryGoWhere’s customer relationship management by transforming it into an online reservation platform. A local platform known for allowing diners to give their opinion and read others’ opinions on their dining experiences, HungryGoWhere also provides reservation services and take-out/delivery services for diners. Boasting as Singapore’s #1 Food Finder, HungryGoWhere provides a broad marketing platform, with access to approximately 1 million diners per month.

Main differentiator: Offers an integrated Point-Of-Sale system that connects to the marketing, reservation, and take-out/delivery services, while also providing business intelligence to monitor business and accounting software compatibility that the restaurant may use.

2. Quandoo

Based out of Europe, Quandoo is rival to the online reservation’s major player, OpenTable. In 2015, Quandoo was acquired by Recruit, a Japanese firm that started out as a human resources company. Quandoo hosts over 24,000 restaurants globally, and 1,210 restaurants locally. While similar to HungryGoWhere, where it offers a marketing platform for restaurants, Quandoo also provides a reservation management system, which includes a map of the restaurant’s tables, integration with the restaurant’s customer database, and management of the reservation list.

Main differentiator: Offers bespoke website design for each restaurant that integrates with Quandoo’s online reservation system.

3. Chope

Finally, Singapore’s rising star Chope, is a home-grown platform founded in 2011 that seeks to differentiate itself by offering more service solutions to both restaurants and diners. In addition to being an online reservation service that offers marketing, guest, and table management, Chope also offers their hosted restaurants reports and analytics on marketing and operational performance.

Main differentiator: Offers queue monitoring service by acquiring TickTok in 2014 to enable hosted restaurants and diners to gauge the wait time at each restaurant.

Though it is evident that each online reservation platform has its unique offerings, digital solution providers are constantly seeking new ways to enhance their user experience in order to attract more users, both restaurants and diners. Tailored services are a good way to achieve this. Take OpenTable, for example, currently the US market leader in the online reservation space. OpenTable offers more than just reservation services, table management, and a marketing platform. OpenTable is moving towards tailored solutions for restaurants as they realize that diners have the accessible option to bypass using OpenTable as a middleman to reserve tables at the restaurant of choice. One unique offering from OpenTable is management of employees’ shift at the restaurant. Automating this process allows for more efficient restaurant operations, and for OpenTable to deeply integrate their software in catering to the partnering restaurant’s day-to-day needs. As with any service, the more customized the solution, the more “sticky” the service becomes.

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