Point-Of-Sale (POS) Systems Comparisons in Asia

The increasing demand for digital transformation in the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry has led to the rise in numerous Point-of-Sales (POS) providers in Asia. Each provider has its own unique features in offering digital solutions for F&B businesses and technology providers. The focus of these providers also differs, from reducing operational costs by automating payments to centralizing key features from third-party platforms, all strive to generate sustainable growth.

Here are some of the popular POS systems providers in Asia:

1. HotTab

It is a multi lingual POS system designed for restaurants, cafés, and stores, that works on an Android operating system or tablet. HotTab shortens processing time in an F&B establishment with features that enable connections to unlimited printers for menu orders, recording of live sales data that can be accessed anytime, and online ordering where the merchant can also distribute promotions to customers.

Unique feature: HotTab offers an offline mode where features such as user login, creating orders and sending prints to the kitchen, do not require an internet connection.

Based in: Vietnam

2. DealPOS

DealPOS is a cloud-based POS, inventory and accounting software for businesses. Its goal is to offer an intuitive and user-friendly register system that can manage inventory and billing activities for small businesses in the region. Specifically targeted to small business owners or those who are thinking to expand their operation to other outlets, DealPOS enables merchants to quickly setup check out procedures while keeping its accounting database in order.

Unique feature: Arguably the first online POS software that offers offline check out functionality utilizing offline browsing through application cache.

Based in: Indonesia

3. Revel Systems

The California’s iPad point-of-sales system makers Revel Systems raised $13.5 million in 2015 as part of its Series C funding and expansion to European and Asian countries. Delivering “every tool you need to run the business you want,” Revel Systems aims to maximize security, ease of use, stability and service delivery with an intuitive iOS-based POS platform. It combined cloud-based technology and the convenient of iPad’s mobility to create better results and experiences for customers and employees.

Unique feature: Revel Systems allow Bitcoins transactions for its users as one of the accepted methods of payments. In addition, they recently introduced Revel Insights which a mobile business performance monitoring app for its iPad POS that offers real-time customer data insights.

Based in: Singapore (Asia’s branch)

4. Moka

Launched in 2015, Moka is quickly rising to become one of the most watched POS startups in Southeast Asia. With the tagline “Selling Made Easy,” Moka offers point-of-sales, cash flow management, and a customer relationship management tool designed for small and medium businesses. The startup promises to take away the pain of managing the logistics process so business owners can focus on serving customers and growing their business. Moka raised $2 million of funding led by Mandiri Capital earlier this year and currently has over 2,500 paying customers.

Unique feature: Moka has SMS and Email Receipt features where customers can get their receipts and leave feedback directly from their SMS or Email Receipt.

Based in: Indonesia

5. iChef

Hailing from Taiwan, iChef is an all-in-one restaurant technology solutions provider offering table management, reservations booking, and food ordering features. Started by a restaurant for restaurants, iChef works with over 2,000 restaurants owners across Asia to turn enterprise-level F&B digital solutions into something affordable and understandable so that they can run their restaurant easier.

Unique feature: They recently launched a new CRM feature where restaurant owners can see and download their customer’s purchase history and preferences, and even create targeted smart Facebook ads using the customer contact data.

Based in: Taiwan

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