What Is Open Source & Why Does It Matter?

Open source is a widely used term when it comes to digital solutions. In the technology world, deciding whether or not to open source your codes or project is something that can be crucial to the growth of your business.

But what does the term open source mean and what role does it play in a company? Most importantly, why does it matter? Open source often refers to something people can modify and share because its design is publicly accessible. A company that is adopting this practice may allow the general public to edit a project, use it in a new way, integrate one project into another project, or come up with a new one based on the original.

Big names in the technology industry, such as Airbnb and Uber, are actively contributing to the open source community through project collaborations. Why is that? It is natural to be concerned about the loss of intellectual property, especially after sizeable investment in research and development.

It is all about collaboration

By taking part in the open source community, a software company has the opportunity to go further and dream bigger. An open source company can benefit from a pool of talented developers and engineers who want to prove themselves within the community. In exchange, the company receives the best innovative work, which could translate into business growth.

Consider this scenario, a developer in London is working on a new application, while another developer in Shanghai studies the application through the company’s open source control system (for example: GitHub) and discovers new ways to enhance the application. The new information is shared, and the entire technology community benefits from this collaboration.

For a software company to effectively stay ahead with the latest digital trends, it is important to become a part of the open source community. The concept of open source is not a new fad. From the earliest days when computers were developed, programmers and engineers have come together through collaboration. Open source matters because it drives innovation and the development of new technology experiences that can help make our lives better and more efficient.

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