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If you’d like to be a part of our Eunoia family, take a look at the opportunities we offer and reach out to us if you think you'll be a good fit.



As our Product Management Intern, you will assist the product manager from product conception to launch. You will assist in the development of Eunoia’s product that stresses on users’ needs and user experience, while at the same time make good business sense. You are someone who is able to find and synthesize resources to solve problems, regardless of the size of it.


1.     Understand and Translate Eunoia's Vision and Goals into the Product Design

  • Clarify and understand company vision as well as product objectives and requirements from the business development team

  • Assist in working with product team to help execute the product vision and strategy, in line with the overall company vision and strategy

  • Assist in lining product goals with company goals

2.    Own the Product

  • Assist in determining the metrics to measure the success of the product

  • Assist in conducting detailed quality assurance test with the team before launch

  • Assist conduct User Acceptance Testing (UAT) with testers, listen to feedback and implement changes as necessary

  • Gather data from metrics after launch and make recommendations to the product manager to improve on the product

  • Understand the market and take various factors into consideration to help make the most appropriate decision for the product

3.    Know the End Users

  • Assist in conducting user research with the team via interviews and shadowing to gain an in- depth knowledge of who will be using the product

  • Assist in building the product on customer empathy and stresses on user experience

  • Be the users’ voice during product decision making


  • Ability to integrate concepts from UX, technical development and marketing into a compelling product vision and execute on it

  • Adequate knowledge on technical concept in order to participate in technical discussions

  • Knowledge of Low fidelity and prototyping methods

  • Analytical thinking ability and problem solving skills

  • Truly comprehend the meaning of “change is the only constant”

  • Bonus: You are involved in or have started a web product business

  • Our internship programs are 3-6 months long

Job Description

Even if none of these seem to be a fit with your current skillsets, don't hesitate to drop us a line. We'll be more than happy to connect with you.

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