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Eunoia can help you.

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We help unlock enterprise digital value via a proper O2O retail strategy.


Clients can use the Eunoia products to allow multiple channels of customer engagement and transactions within your merchant network.



Work with our partners to increase your ecosystem value through acceptance and integrations.

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Consult: Unlock the Digital Value of your customers

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Evolve from a transactional earn & burn mindset to experiences and services that create new touchpoints and micro-moments for your users

Brainstorm new scenarios to properly define the key strategic initiatives needed in your company so that customers have a holistic experience tailored to their individual lifestyle.

Leverage on our technical capabilities to create Minimum Viable Products (MVP) that provide immediate feedback and impact to your customers.

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Deploy: Enable your Digital Strategy through our Products

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Create and run a white label ecommerce marketplace, onboarding your merchants with with your preferred payment gateway and drive your omnichannel strategy.

Build deeper relationships with your customers by designing activity based rewards and experiences with a view to increase customer engagement and therefore transactions.

Offer end-to-end platform services & tools including seller portal, O2O vouchers redemption, reservation & order management via API or merchant terminals. 

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Expand: Increase your Ecosystem value through Partners

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Integrate and syndicate with strategic partners to widen your points economy and vouchers acceptance.

Integrate with strategic merchants and partners to extend your acceptance of vouchers and points

The Eunoia Network provides a ready set of merchants to drive enterprise strategy and better marketplace engagement.

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Our Products: White Label Omnichannel Software

O2Marketplace is a white label omnichannel software, focussed on  empowering retail aggregators on their O2O ordering (buy online, pickup in store), fulfilment & payments.

Admins can manage merchant content and promotions across the whole enterprise, applying changes on multiple brands and stores at the same time.

EngageXP aims to drive customer engagement through interactive content including Questionnaire, Articles and Surprises. With milestone achievements, users can unlock exclusive articles and rewards.

The in-built geo-location settings further allows admins to strategize content at specific physical stores.

 “My company is ready

for a digital transformation”

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