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Most Rapidly Deployable Retail Engine for Landlords 

Providing software for retail aggregators to empower traditional retailers to increase revenue  and enable new revenue creation

The Problem

E-commerce is gaining ground and traditional retailers need a scalable digital and O2O solution to better engage consumers to stay relevant and  win back sales

Our Solution

Enterprise Ready Scalable and Proven

The engine, suite of features and open API platform has been built, hardened and tested by enterprise clients. The retailer self-serve onboarding product for retailers will be launched by March 2020.


Quick to Launch

Deployed in hours whereas other systems require weeks to months.


Gain real-time insights on products, actual transactions, seasonality and pricing trends.

Sales Conversion

Optimise the sales from a captive audience of customers who are physically at the location of traditional retail outlets.

Our solution
Something else
Proven Product & Traction

Eunoia Enterprise

Our platform is used by enterprises to provide benefits to their end-users. Features include managing of marketing efforts, reconciliation of various payment methods and more. 

Eunoia has an ecosystem of retailers enterprises can connect instantly to drive promotions, engagement and better understanding of their users.

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Case studies
Marketing Feature - Vouchering and redemption across retailers

Collaboration model for Eunoia retailers 

Users will have access to a collection of vouchers from the different merchants in the outlet. These vouchers are readily available via API and can be included into the ordering process.

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Payment Features - Multiple Payment Accounts 
Enable seamless, digital payment integration across major banks in the world. 

Choose from a large variety of payment methods.  By having an account on any of the following payment methods you can link your account by ease on Eunoia back-end.
Screenshot 2022-12-02 at 4.40.39 PM.png
Payment Features - Single Checkout
Enable multiple store checkout:  Your shoppers can browse and order from multiple stalls in and make payment with  one single checkout
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Our Clients
We have a fast growing ecosystem of retailers on Eunoia. Retailers list their content, payments, menu, store to enable O2O commerce such as order ahead, dine-in and delivery, reservation etc. 
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