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Unlock the full potential of your menu with our free growth platform. 

Make it truly online with vMenu.

If you only have a PDF menu, you may be missing out on the following:

1. Do you know what guests want BEFORE they buy through analytics of browsing behaviour? You can find out which items are the most popular with guests and which items catch their attention.

2. Are you spending unnecessary money paying for a website, just to show your menu details?

3. Do you want to implement online transactions and orders for your brand, but you don't have the system to do so?

vMenu Key Features

1. Onboard in Minutes: Submit your PDF and we will create a fully functional mobile friendly menu website for your brand.

2. Analytics for your guest browsing: Regular reports on your most popular items and categories.

3. Manage Multiple Stores and Multiple Menus with QR Codes: Download store specific QR codes that show only that store's menu.

4. Enable transactions and ordering with a simple setting switch:  We support multiple payment gateways including Stripe, Adyen, 2C2P, Cybersource, MPGS.

...and vMenu is Free!

Best way to display your QR codes

Table Top Insert/Table tent

Placing QR codes in Table Top inserts provides convenient access to menus, enhancing the dining experience through touchless ordering.


Menu QR code placement in standees offers a space-efficient and interactive way for customers to access menus.


Menu QR code placement on stickers/labels allows for versatile and widespread menu access

Restaurant Partners

Click through to each restaurant's vMenu implementation.

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