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Events & Registration

O2Marketplace's Events & Registration feature empowers you to take control of the paid events by providing you with the tools to organize and manage every aspect of the event. With the ability to create specific sessions and allocate available slots, you can tailor their events to meet the unique needs of their participants. This feature streamlines event management, ensuring a seamless experience for both organizers and attendees.

Key Features of Events & Registration Module

  1. Event Dashboard: The brand can get a comprehensive view of active event participants, giving them control over paid events.

  2. Session Management: The brand can create specific sessions within the event & allocate slots available for individual sessions, ensuring optimal utilization and efficient event planning.

  3. Category Management: Allows brands to run category-specific events and easily manage events based on specific categories.

  4. Event History: The Event History dashboard gives an overview of all the past attendees which allows brands to gain insights into past attendees and the types of events they have attended before. This data helps brands plan future events more effectively and target invitations to the right audience.

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