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CEO / Project Director

Zihuan Wee "Zwee" is the founder of Eunoia, and has consulted for a diverse group of companies such as P&G, MasterCard, Singtel; and F&B businesses in Singapore such as Coastes (in Sentosa) and Meats N Malts. Zwee’s expertise in innovation, design thinking, and approach to clients’ challenges have been acknowledged as one of the most well-rounded in the field.


Chief Operating Officer

Kevin operates his own chain of restaurants, Morganfield’s, in Singapore and has been successful in developing and deploying technology to drive productivity for his staff. His experience in technology helps Eunoia to drive new features that will keep us ahead in the industry.  


Business Associate

Arlene is the middle gear of Eunoia that handles all business aspects from finance, Human Resources, to Projects and Accounts Management. She holds a Bsc in Banking and Finance from University of London, which equips her in business finance and management. Her decade worth of experience in running her own online retail store empowers her to help set up and run Eunoia’s projects and business operations.


Senior Developer

Pramod is the living definition of "keep calm and ___ ". His cool-headed disposition allows him to swiftly identify problems and implement solutions to it. His 5 years of experience as well as Masters degree in software engineering has aided him in designing reliable and efficient solutions. He works hard to find new methods and functions to ensure our product is always improving with time. Not to mention, he is patient in explaining the internal workings of our product, helping everyone learn and progress together as a company.


Product Manager

Jasmine is the responsible "gatekeeper" of our product. She ensures only relevant and essential extensions are built on the platform, keeping it clean and simple. Do not be fooled by her baby face! She is a mature adult with more than 5 years of experience in management. This witty and efficient young lady has increased our productivity by managing our resources meticulously, while bringing the company together with her bright smiles and lame jokes. Her farsightedness allows her to carefully plan out our product pipeline, ensuring that our product is always ahead of our competition. 


Software Developer

Fadjar is an all rounded software developer who came from the financial software industry. His love for programming and coffee has brought him to Eunoia's doorstep. Ever since he has gradually evolved into a key team player who handles all technical aspects of the business including front end, back end and servers. 


Front End Developer

Syafrinaldi or 'Naldi' is a very efficient front end developer. He is the one person anyone would wish to have on their team when the fire alarm has gone off. Despite the pressure of completing many projects in an incredibly short period of time, he continues to be patient with newcomers. On top of guiding and helping others, he seeks to improve himself constantly, and is learning to become a full stack developer.


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