Get to know the team working behind Eunoia.


The Management Team

Wee Zi Huan Zwee


Chief Executive Officer

Zihuan Wee "Zwee" is the founder of Eunoia, and has consulted for a diverse group of companies such as P&G, MasterCard, Singtel; and F&B businesses in Singapore such as Coastes (in Sentosa) and Meats N Malts. Zwee’s expertise in innovation, design thinking, and approach to clients’ challenges have been acknowledged as one of the most well-rounded in the field.

Kevin Chung


Chief Operating Officer

Kevin operates his own chain of restaurants, Morganfield’s, in Singapore and has been successful in developing and deploying technology to drive productivity for his staff. His experience in technology helps Eunoia to drive new features that will keep us ahead in the industry.  

The Sales Team

Osmond Photo.jpg


Sales Executive

Osmond is very detailed oriented when faced with problems or challenges, coming from an
Electrical-Engineering background with experiences in the field of manufacturing, energy-efficiency consultancy, customer service and even in sales.
His 7 years of work experience in the different fields of expertise has made him a well-rounded individual able to handle different task effectively.
His willingness to help others makes him an invaluable team member of Eunoia's!

The Project Team



Project and Accounts Executive

Danielle's forte lies in design and creative works, holding a BSc in Architecture and Sustainable Design. Other than composing presentation boards and decks, she spends her time planning clients' project milestones and drafting proposals for issues encountered along the way. As a well-rounded individual in areas of languages, design and problem solving, she offers an unique edge to Eunoia. 



Projects Executive

Dorothy, a Sociology (Hons) graduate from NUS, has always enjoyed analyzing issues from several perspectives. Her rigorous and detail-oriented personality promotes accurate documentation, and creative client-specific solutions. She aims to develop the skills necessary to bridge the gap between her technical and non-technical counterparts, thereby improving the Eunoia Platform's experience for everyone.

The Product Team



Product Management Executive

Having worked as a full-stack developer and QC, Alief is obsessed with every single detail to sieve out every single flaw in a system. He has then chosen to focus on QA, a role focused on preventing mistakes and avoiding problems before delivering products to users. With enough experience in the world of full-stack developers and developing skills in the field of QA, he has the ultimate goal of being able to combine both of that to become a pro-QA engineer.

Image from iOS (1).jpg


Product Management Executive

With experience in QA and Customer Service, Arthur joined Eunoia as a Product Testing Executive. Started off as a QA, he has then moved on to managing the QA team.
Constantly striving to learn, he is currently also learning the ropes at product management.

The Development Team

Pramod Kamath.png


Senior Developer

Pramod's cool-headed disposition allows him to swiftly identify problems and implement solutions to it. His 5 years of experience as well as Masters degree in software engineering has aided him in designing reliable and efficient solutions. He works hard to find new methods and functions to ensure our product is always improving with time. Not to mention, he is patient in explaining the internal workings of our product, helping everyone learn and progress together as a company.

Fadjar Santosa


Software Developer

Fadjar is an all rounded software developer who came from the financial software industry. His love for programming and coffee has brought him to Eunoia's doorstep. Ever since he has gradually evolved into a key team player who handles all technical aspects of the business including front end, back end and servers. 



Front End Developer

Syafrinaldi or 'Naldi' is a very efficient front end developer. He is the one person anyone would wish to have on their team when the fire alarm has gone off. Despite the pressure of completing many projects in an incredibly short period of time, he continues to be patient with newcomers. On top of guiding and helping others, he seeks to improve himself constantly, and is learning to become a full stack developer.

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