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Product Information Management

O2Marketplace's Product Information Management (PIM) module enables F&B and Retail clients to generate QR codes for individual products, allowing customers to scan and access detailed information and check stock availability. Customers can also make purchases and choose convenient in-store pickup within hours, enhancing their shopping experience.


Benefits of PIM

  1. Convenient Product Information: Scan QR codes for easy access to detailed product information (e.g. product availability), empowering customers to make informed purchasing decisions.

  2. Quick and Easy In-Store Pickup: Purchase through QR codes and enjoy fast in-store pickup within hours, eliminating wait times for a seamless shopping experience.

  3. Personalized Promotions: If the customer is logged into their account while scanning product QR codes, the customer's data can be captured by Eunoia's PIM module. This enables brands to utilize the captured data for personalized promotions & push out relevant marketing newsletters to the customer to drive increased sales conversion.

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