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EngageXP (EXP) is a platform that focuses on enhancing customer engagement by providing interactive content such as questionnaires, articles, and surprises. Users can unlock exclusive rewards as they reach milestone achievements. The platform also offers geo-location settings, enabling administrators to tailor content strategies for individual stores.


EngageXP's Article feature educates customers about brands through curated content. Tracking logged-in customers' reading behavior collects valuable non-transactional data, providing deeper customer insights and generating relevant articles for further education. EngageXP also enhances the Online to Offline experience using QR codes, facilitating seamless transitions from online content to offline engagements.


The Reports feature on EngageXP provides brands with valuable insights of non-transactional behaviors of the customers, specifically focusing on articles read, questionnaires answered, and milestones achieved.


This feature allows brands to gather and analyze data related to these customer interactions, offering valuable information to inform future marketing activities.


EngageXP's Questionnaire feature provide brands with valuable insights into customer preferences and habits, aiding the development of future content. Brands can target specific customer segments and categorize their content accordingly to ensure relevance and engagement.



EngageXP, with its open API capabilities, is well-prepared and ready to seamlessly integrate with your system such as:

  • CRM/CDP Integration

  • Marketing Automation Tool Integration

 This integration offers numerous benefits, enabling brands to enhance their customer engagement and streamline their marketing activities


EngageXP's Surprise feature adds gamification to the customer engagement journey, enabling brands to reward customers based on milestones achieved by earning XP (experience points) through activities like reading articles and completing surveys. These milestones unlock surprise nudges, creating an interactive and highly rewarding experience for customers.

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